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Safe-Stor ‘Malton Vertical Bike & Cycle Locker’ is an ideal home for your valuable bike if you have little outdoor space to place a storage unit. Bikes can be stored vertically by lifting the bike up on its rear wheel and tying the front wheel in place, freeing up floor space outside.


With a 45-degree angle, this bike locker can be grouped together to create a cycle pod, ideal for flat shares, flat buildings and office buildings to provide secure bike storage. There's plenty of space to store biking gear by installing our hooks & eyelets from our accessories range.


To keep bikes and accessories safe from damage and theft, this unit features an anti-pick and drill multi-point locking system, and as an additional security measure the integrated metal floor can be secured to a concrete base. The weatherproof material and built-in ventilation system will keep bikes in their same great condition.


Every metal shed is made to order. The lead time for our 'Malton Vertical Bike & Cycle Locker' is approx 4 weeks.


Malton Vertical Bike & Cycle Locker Brochure


Malton Vertical Bike & Cycle Locker Assembly Instructions

Malton Vertical Bike & Cycle Locker

  • Built from heavy-duty galvanised steel panels with an integrated metal floor, the Malton Vertical Bike & Cycle Locker is completely weatherproof & wont rust or leak.

    All storage units are designed with the fixtures within the unit to eliminate break-in points, and an anti-pick locking system to deter thieves.

    The clever design also incorporates a ventilation system to keep items in excellent condition free from condensation and damp*

    *must adhere to the maintenance guide within our warranty document to minimise condensation

  • Height 1899mm | 6' 3"
    Width 1105mm | 3' 8"
    Depth 1208mm | 4' 0"
    Door Aperture Width 960mm | 3' 2"
    Door Aperture Height 1717mm | 5' 8"
    Weight tbc


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