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Caravan Site Storage Units

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Caravan Site & Holiday Home Storage

Safe-Stor offers a wide range of storage sheds to cover all your caravan and holiday home storage needs. Our ‘Richmond Caravan Site Storage Unit’ is our most popular shed sold to holiday homeowners on caravans parks up and down the UK, closely followed by our ‘Ripon Lift-Up Lid Caravan Site Storage Unit’. These large caravan sheds have been designed to provide you with the best in the business for holiday home storage, providing you with ample storage space for BBQ’s, patio furniture, bikes, scooters, outdoor games and all of the other things that you usually take to caravan sites and holiday parks.

If you’re looking for something more compact for your caravan or holiday home, our ‘Allerton Caravan Site Storage Unit’ is a smaller shed that offers you the same quality and security as the rest of our storage units – it just takes up slightly less space in front of your caravan! With a Safe-Stor caravan shed, you can relax knowing that your holiday items will be protected from damaging weather conditions thanks to the weatherproof steel material, and built-in ventilation system to reduce condensation within the storage unit.

Being weatherproof isn’t the only feature that makes a Safe-Stor caravan storage unit the best in the business. When you’re away from your holiday home, you can be rest assured knowing that your caravanning gear is safe from theft thanks to the galvanised steel panel manufacture and a multi-point locking system.


The construction of each shed is extremely robust and durable, meaning that Safe-Stor offer some of the most reliable and fit-for-purpose caravan site storage units in today’s market. Our holiday home storage sheds can be found on multiple caravan sites and holiday parks across the UK due to their popularity.

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