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Skipton Mobility Storage Unit has been designed to house a mobility scooter and keep this essential piece of equipment safe from weather-related damaged and theft. This mobility shed is supplied with a wooden subfloor and an aluminium ramp to make it easy to manoeuvre a mobility scooter in and out.


Situate this mobility stor in your front garden for easy access to your scooter, freeing up space in your home. With a built-in ventilation system to allow for air circulation, condensation within the unit is kept to an absolute minimum, keeping your mobility scooter in great condition.


Every metal shed is made to order. The lead time for our 'Skipton Mobility Stor Storage Unit' is approx 4 weeks.


Skipton Mobility Stor Storage Unit Brochure


Skipton Mobility Stor Storage Unit Assembly Instructions



Skipton Mobility Stor Storage Unit

  • Built from heavy-duty galvanised steel panels with an integrated metal floor and wooden subfloor, the Skipton Mobility Stor Storage Unit is completely weatherproof & wont rust or leak.

    All storage units are designed with the fixtures within the unit to eliminate break-in points, and an anti-pick locking system to deter thieves.

    The clever design also incorporates a ventilation system to keep items in excellent condition free from condensation and damp*

    *must adhere to the maintenance guide within our warranty document to minimise condensation

  • Roof Height                          1436mm | 4' 8"
    Width 1055mm | 3'5"
    Depth 1821mm | 5'11"
    Door Aperture Width 887mm | 2' 11"
    Door Aperture Height 1135mm | 3'8"
    Base Width 1012mm | 8'3"
    Base Depth 1781mm | 5' 10"
    Weight tbc


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